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How to write the introduction of a thesis


The beginning of work on the thesis project directly in the file begins just with the introductory part. If you have read our previous materials on how best to approach writing a thesis and its structure , then you know that this piece of work follows the first few pages with the title page, annotations and content. In good guidelines, all elements of this part of the work are described in detail and clearly, but there are very few such guidelines. Thus, it is time to consider, together with the experts of the essay assistant https://essayassistant.org, one of the key stages of writing - the introduction.   

The main elements of the introduction of the thesis

To begin with, it is important to understand what it is and what needs to be written in the introduction of the thesis. And so, the introduction is a collection of information about the main aspects of the thesis. Accordingly, at the beginning of the path, you still do not know for sure what will happen next in the text of the file. Therefore, in the beginning, it is best to write the introductory part not completely, but to focus only on the fragment about which everything is already known for sure. This is the answer you should get from yourself to the question of how to start writing an introduction to your thesis.       

It is important to understand that the teacher, when checking the text of the thesis, will first of all read the introduction. Accordingly, it should impress him and not raise any quality issues.

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And here is what the structure of the introduction of the thesis will look like , in most cases:  

  • relevance;
  • the main goal;
  • research objectives;
  • object and subject of research;
  • research methods;
  • hypothesis;
  • theoretical significance of the results;
  • practical significance of the results;
  • scientific novelty;
  • information base;
  • approbation;
  • file structure.

At first glance, it may seem that these are quite a few elements. But, firstly, all of the above points will not necessarily be used in your work; and secondly, this structure, on the contrary, facilitates the process of writing a quality introduction. Moreover, in all types of sciences. Whether it's physics or biology. By the way, if it nevertheless happened that your work in biology does not correspond to these points - show it to us, we can tell you how to cope with this mess https://essayassistant.org/biology-help/.

Why is the thesis work relevant?

Based on our experience, the introductory part is 3 to 5 pages of text. So, relevance can take from 15% to 50% of this volume. And all because it is the most free part for thoughts. That is, the only requirement for this fragment is to tell what is the relevance of the topic of the thesis. Because why then research an irrelevant topic? This can be done both within one paragraph, and painted over two pages.

There are actually many options to start with. Usually, here you can start with a little statistics on the topic. Describe the historical events that led to the education and the need to analyze the topic. Point out the studies of other authors: how they were carried out, what they led to, what remained beyond the bounds of their achievements.

At the end of writing the relevance of the thesis (or WRC, as it is customary to abbreviate), it is worth determining what the emphasis will be on in disclosing the topic, what problems will be touched upon and why you have chosen just such a topic for work. 



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