Superior Health Foundation (SHF)

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Superior Health Foundation SHF is a not for profit non-governmental organization based in Buea. This organization was created as a result of the health challenges our communities face.

We develop simple live saving solutions to complex societal problems. We also promote health awareness through education and sensitization of  the population on  how to prevent common and easily preventable diseases.

Missions and Objectives

To provide simple and sustainable solutions to common health problems.

  •  Promote preventive health measures through education and simple but effective interventions.
  • Fight substance abuse especially amongst teenagers through education and sensitization 
  •  To promote a self-supporting, self-government and self-propagating organization that is committed to help better the health of mankind especially women and children. 
  • Reduce maternal and newborn mortality using simple evidence based interventions and to raise awareness on women health issues

Key Achievements

  • We have produced and distributed for free over 60,000 bottles of Hand sanitzers across 8 regions in Cameroon tohelp fight against Covid-19.
  • We have produced and donated 150 clean Emergency delivery kits to pregnant women in hard to access commmunitie in the Anglophone regions
  • We have designed a novel which contains key tools to fight against teenage drug abuse


Swiss peace

Areas of interventions

  • South West Region, North West Region

Targets Groups  : 

  • Internally displaced persons, underpriviledged persons, pregnant women, children, youths, Elderly, hard to access commnities

Registration Number :

Ref; No: 28/E.29/1111/VOL.8/ALPAS

Person Contact :

Epie Marc Ewang Ndelle

Branches :


Contacts :

  •   Molyko – Buea
  •  Phone. : 670675968            679869763


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