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The basis for harmonizing digital communication in the HIV/AIDS response was launched at the Workshop to Harmonize Strategies for Social Media Use and Digital Communication for Adolescents and Youth for the Fight Against STIs, HIV and AIDS and the Promotion of Lower Risk Behaviour, which took place from 28 to 21 November 2020 at Kribi.

This workshop is an initiative of the National AIDS Committee (CNLS) with technical and financial support from CAMNAFAW intervenes in an environment characterized by the following factors:

  • The massive presence of teenagers and young people on social networks;
  • The proliferation of digital platforms to raise awareness among adolescents and young people about HIV/AIDS and STIs;

Despite well-known advances, the results of combating STIs, HIV and AIDS and promoting lower-risk behaviours towards adolescents and young people through digital communication are not satisfactory. Hence the need to harmonize communication strategies towards these targets for efficient and effective results. The workshop’s global objective was therefore to harmonize the use of digital communication to help strengthen interventions for adolescents and young people in accessing and using services for behaviour change. Its specific objectives were to:

  • Identify all existing communications platforms, their characteristics and their impact on the target;
  • Define the framework for collaboration between all stakeholders to better take into account the specifics of the target;
  • Define the framework for monitoring the various interventions and risks;
  • Define stakeholder interconnection strategies;
  • Identify key messages of sensitization.

Through a particitve approach in plenary and in group work, participants were able to achieve the workshop results. At the end of the workshop,

  • some communications platforms, their characteristics and their impact on the target have been identified such as:

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  • Interconnection strategies between stakeholders have been identified.

With these results the civil society is projecting itself into an harmonization of digital communication in the Fight Against STIs, HIV and AIDS. This will help to harmonize awareness about STIs and HIV/AIDS via social networks for more effective impact.

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