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On the 2nd December 2o2o at Fako Division in the South West Region, Superior Health Foundation has organized a Sensitization campaign on HIV/AIDS awareness and Covid-19 in secondary schools.

Superior Health Foundation is a youth-led organization located in Bueaengage in providing basic solutions to community health challenges and humanitarian intervention to support victims of the violent conflict in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon.

Based on WHO reports, over  30% of all new infections globally  are estimated  to occur among youth ages 15 to 25 years. This raised concerns which leads us to carry out sensitization in secondary schools. The objective for this campaign was to rekindle the awareness of HIV/AIDS and Covid-19 in other  to ensure youths stay engage in  the fight against these infections through taking all preventive measures and engaging in peer to peer  sensitization to help fight the  spread of these dual epidemics.

This sensitization was characterized by the distribution of flyers and posters which carried sensitization messages. This messages help create more awareness to the youths to advocates for the fight against HIV/AIDS and Covid-19. We also trained them on becoming peer educators and engage people in their communities to know their status and take every preventive measures of both Covid-19 and HIV/AIDS.

At the end of the activity over 500 students were sensitized on HIV/AIDS and Covid-19.

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