Integrated Community Development service for Sustainable Empowerment Cameroon (ICODESSE)

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ICODESSE Cameroon was created by young dynamic men and women of varied professional backgrounds who saw the needs to volunteer their various potentials to achieve Community Development in all its spheres. The initiative started in 2010 when two Community Development technicians working with vulnerable Communities and children saw the needs to bring together other actors to inspire this Communities to be main actors in their own development process. The organization was officially authorized in 2013 by a prefectoral decision.

Missions and Objectives


The mission of ICODESSE Cameroon is to equip community members with knowledge and skills that will create a positive change on health care, access to sufficient food quality and environmental friendly practices in Cameroon. Improve the living conditions of women and

the girl child and ensure sustainable Community Development in all its sphere.


To create an environment where women, children and other vulnerable group of people live an appreciable quality of life, especially orphans and other vulnerable children and drug users


To ensure socio –economic initiatives amongst marginalized groups,

To enhance crop and livestock production and productivity,

To enhance environmental friendly practices in schools /communities,

To improve on the health condition of community members,

To promote information technology outreach in communities,

Encourage dialogue between young people and inspire them with the spirit of being the main actor yourself to development their communities and society at large

Promote the active participation of community members in the community development process (sustainable development)

Provide sustainable assistance to the vulnerable, i.e. orphans and other vulnerable children, disable persons etc

Dish out quality sensitization materials on HIV/AIDS prevention

Poverty alleviation through the promotion of youth participation in modern agricultural practices   

To carry out activities to improve the health status of women and children

To secure a good standard of living for deprived children

To improve the living conditions of HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children

To provide counseling for depressed women and children.

Key Achievements

  • Through hot spot sensitizations, 2950 drug users have been reached with proper information on HIV/AIDS and other opportunistic infection
  • Awareness has been raised, hence alleviating the myth concerning the virus.
  • Safer sex practices have been encouraged with the distribution of over 12,000 Male condom, 4,000 Female condoms and 12,000 lubricants distributed within the last two years amongst drug users, drivers, bike riders and the general public
  • It is hoped that safer sex methods will be put to practice.
  • The participation of Drug Users in voluntary confidential counseling and testing (VCCT) has been encouraging as compared to the past.
  • The training and working with over 12 peer educators and one supervisor ensured that proper and accurate information on HIV/AIDS prevention and other basics was being disseminated to the target populations. The drug users have been empowered to continue HIV work in the absence of the organization/project.
  • 25 orphans and other vulnerable children received nutritional and psychosocial support
  • 15 youths (IDP and other children orphaned by HIV) have been enrolled into vocational training centres by ICODESSE Cameroon
  • Some customs and traditions that violate the rights of women in some villages have been abolished
  • Over 1950 drug users know their HIV status
  • Women can freely negotiate sex with the use of a Condom in some Communities which was first considered like a taboo
  • Over 25 persons tested positive has been place on treatment in various treatment centers.


  • Global fund through CAMNAFAW
  • VKN Foundation (USA)

Areas of interventions

  • Gender base violence,
  • Drug abuse, Education and training,
  • Sexual and reproductive health,
  • Agriculture and Community Development.

Targets Groups  : 

  • Drug users,
  • Orphans and other vulnerable children,
  • Minority groups,
  • Youths,
  • Women and the girl child,
  • Drivers and bike riders,
  • Tradi-practitioners, traditional authorities.

Registration Number :

Ref; No: Reg. No: 64/E.29/1111/VOL.8/ALPAS

Person Contact :


Branches :

Kribi and Limbe (Kumbo in process)

Contacts :

  •  CCC JUNCTION Bamenda
  •  Phone. :+237 679 135 960/654 069 060     
  • Facebook: icodesse cameroon
  • Site web :


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