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The vision of HALP started  in August 2015 when I was in Bafut. One morning went came to Bamenda, I saw child hawking items along the commercial avenue. As the Lord will do it, this boy caught my attention. I called him but he refused and ran away. As I went back to Bafut that night I could not sleep. I kept thinking about the child. Early the next morning I went back to Bamenda town at the commercial avenue where I met the boy and in a short while I saw him and called him but this time he did not run away, he stood at the distance of about 10m. I introduced myself to him as a pastor working

with the Full Gospel Mission. I encouraged him to come closer to me which he did. I talked with him and asked him where his parents were but he said he does not have parents. He told me he lived in Meta quarter in a fire wood kitchen without bed or mattress with one family who happened to be his parents for now. I asked him where he got money to buy the little things to sells. He told me from one business man in the main market who trusted him after hearing his story and felt pity on him, so he started lending these things for him to sell for a miga pay.

       I met another boy who behaved almost the same way but I was quick to get his attention and asked him similar questions he told me that he lived in a scrapped vehicle in somebody’s garage. This happened in 2015.

      I finally went home and was praying for these children for some time then the burden suddenly ceased until this blessed day, the 2nd of March 2018 that I was in my office after praying and reading my Bible I felt tired and leaned on the wall to rest a bit. I felt asleep and suddenly heard a voice asking me ‘’what about those children in trouble that you met some time ago?’’. I saw myself in that trance at the commercial avenue talking with those children. I started thinking where to get the children and what to do with them. I shared this encounter with anyone, not even my wife.

      On Tuesday the 6th march 2018 in my office again, I had a similar vision as the former but this time the children were completely different. God told me to organize myself and start an organization with the name Non profitable. God promised to give me people to work with in that trance. 

Since then, we started working and God has graciously been bringing people who have been tremendously contributing until today that we have the declaration of the association in our hands.

Missions and Objectives

Humanitarian Association for the Less Privileged a.k.a HALP has as mission to unite all its members irrespective of their age, sex, race, cultural diversity and language. It encourages and promote solidarity among members, the less privileged and the marginalized in the society like Women, children, Teenage girls, IDPs and persons with disability, helping them to re-integrate in society by assisting them with vocational training and other skills. HALP equally intervene in the domains of protection (GBV and Child Protection), Health, assistance to the less priviledge, nutrition and WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene). HALP has as goal to provide essential services to the needy. The Social Headquarter of HALP is in Ntamulung, Bamenda in Mezam Division of the North West Region of Cameroon.

HALP has as objectives

-To promote programs aimed at addressing the social and moral needs of the less privileged in the community, help delinquent youths correct their offending behaviour and rehabilitate them through moral education and skills that will enable them to be morally upright and self reliant, -To educate and promote the fight against problems of illiteracy that is plaguing vulnerable persons, through

material and financial support, and also remind them of the very essentials of life such as love and unity,

-To promote the social welfare of orphans, widows and other destitute persons in our various communities and empower them economically through sensitization and basic training in order for them to sustain their lives,

-To eradicate poverty by promoting income generating activities for marginalized groups and orienting them to take advantage of the natural resources available and to be engaged in agricultural activities

-To encourage child education especially that of vulnerable children through scholarships and organizing educative seminars and sensitization campaigns to promote education,

-To promote community health care as well as health programs through sensitization of the population on healthy feeding habits, and the practice of hygiene and sanitation.

Key Achievements

-Assistance to IDPS (food and non food items)

-Free distribution of face mask to 500 persons

-Health Assistance

-Psychosocial counseling -Special assistance to some persons living with HIV/AIDS


Members of the organisation

Areas of interventions

  • We work in the entire North West Region for Now and part of the South West Region (precisely at Akwaya)

Targets Groups  : 

  • Women,
  • Children,
  • Teenage girls,
  • IDPs and
  • Persons with special needs.

Registration Number :

No 57/E.29/1111/VOL.8/ALPAS

Person Contact :

Branches :

Contacts :

  •   Ntamulung Junction, Mezam Division. Bamenda
  •  Phone. : 677 36 45 74 /675 03 67 53         


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