Human Is Right (HSR)

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Created in 2012  

Missions and Objectives

Human Is Right Cameroon (HSR) is a non-governmental, apolitical and not for profit making organization devoted to the promotion, protection and advancement of human rights, rule of law and access to justice, democracy and peace in Cameroon and across Africa. HSR is engaged in diverse human rights activities through projects and research aimed at building a strong culture of human rights in Cameroon. HSR was created in 2009 and officially registered on August 2012.

OUR MISSION. Human Is Right Cameroon aims to improve urgent human rights issues amongst which access to justice, abuse of prisoners’ rights, gender

inequality, civil liberty deficiencies, corruption, and minority rights amongst others.


A Cameroonian society founded on the respect of human dignity, the rule of law and respect of all Human Rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


People’s empowerment by promoting and protecting the rights of the poor & marginalized, responsiveness of public services, democratic decentralization & local self-government, local governance & local justice, free & fair election, participatory democracy, women-youth-child rights.


  • Legal assistance to victims of human rights abuse
  • Educate local population on their rights and obligations
  • Policy advocacy for prisons reform
  • Human rights universal periodic review (Cameroon)
  • Information dissemination on avenues for remedy for victims of human rights abuse
  • Promotion and protection of minorities rights
  • Liaising with local and international NGOs and diplomatic missions focused on human rights to provide services that promote human rights.
  • Offer human rights career development opportunities to local and international students, legal practitioners, volunteers and researchers.
  • Promoting and Protecting Women’s Rights.

Key Achievements

  • Joint civil society consultation on the Cameroon Anglophone crisis with the United Nations Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Central Africa
  • Advocate and Promote Awareness around the Protection of Human Rights of Pretrial Detainees in the South West Region
  • Training of 100 female politicians on Leadership, project writing and resource mobilization
  • Capacity Building for grass roots human rights defenders working in conflict zones on national, regional and international instruments for the protection of human rights defenders at risk
  • Sensitization seminar on alternative sources to access justice through legal aid
  • 2018 Senatorial observation
  • Organised International Human Rights Day event to mobilise government and stakeholders to ratify the optional protocol for person with disability rights
  • Implementation of the Rapid Result Initiative project (IRR) for fight against corruption in Cameroon.
  • Organised International Human Rights Day event to mobilise government and stakeholders to ratify the optional protocol for person with disability rights
  • Researched on the level of transparency within the justice sector in the South West Region of Cameroon.


United State Embassy in Cameroon, Street Child, Front Line Defenders.

Areas of interventions

  • Southwest Region.Cameroon

Targets Groups  : 

  • Anyone whose rights have been violated within the Southwest region of Cameroon.

Registration Number :

Ref; No: 191/G.37/D14/VolII/SAAPJP

Personne Contact :

Mr. Blaise Chamango Aime

Branches :


Contacts :

  •  Bunduma, Buea, Southwest. Region. Cameroon.
  •  Phone. : 675019143/697385932
  • Facebook:

  • Site web : /


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