HIV Sensitization and Distribution of Preservative

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HEDECS team took to the streets to sensitize the locals on the knowledge of HIV. We talked about the transmission and prevention of HIV. This activity comes up at a time when the entire world is showing solidarity to PLWH and their families. This is all in commemoration of the World AIDS Day Celebration. HEDECS had a tour around its neighborhood distributing female/male condoms and lubricants alongside sex education.
It was quite an interesting activity as the staff had so much fun distributing these items and demonstrating the use of the condoms to the population. However, it was even more exciting getting reactions from our adolescents. Some of them shied away from collecting it, while others tried collecting it in hiding. On that note HEDECS saw the need to educate the youths on the importance of the use of condoms.
They had so many experiences to share, and also interesting stories to narrate about the use of condoms. We all had a lot to share and educate each other but most especially the youths. This activity brought us to the conclusion that our adolescents need to be given adequate sex education in order to enable them do the right thing, which will help them reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS.

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