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Football, Tactics & Glory Review


Whether it's known as football or soccer, the beautiful sport has been a part of gaming almost since the start of the medium. The 1970s saw the birth of football video games, with Pong-style titles being developed long before the likes of FIFAwere but a glimmer in the eye of EA Sports.

Because of this, some people might think that there's no further room for variation when it comes to football games. Whether it's the deep, spreadsheet-based simulation of Football Manager or the more direct gameplay of Pro Evo, it seems as though many football video games have found their financially successful niche and dug in nicely. However, that's not takingFootball, Tactics & Gloryinto consideration, which at the very least tries to take a look at association football via the road less travelled.

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At its core, Football, Tactics & Gloryis a blend of football management as perFootball Managerand the grid-form turn-based strategy of The Banner Saga. Gamers are able to control the overall development of their team, and then take control over each match in short, turn-based halves, setting up both defensive and attacking plays, all wrapped up in a cartoonish charm reminiscent of football classics of the 1980s and 1990s.

It might seem like something of an odd mix when first described, but the gameplay of Football, Tactics & Glory is certainly addictive. The title manages to encapsulate that moreish quality ofFIFA, where gamers can be lulled into playing just one more match for hours. The game's not as in-depth as either a sports management or turn-based strategy title, but the balance between the two is very nearly there.

In terms of similar games, the closest comparison to Football, Tactics & Glory is theInazuma Eleven GOseries, or at least certain elements of the manga-based franchise. However,Football, Tactics & Glorymanages to still feel very unique. Quite simply, it's striking how well the title is able to feel very different from other games on the market.

Beyond this, the game is also easy to get into. Although it is very much focused on those who have a passion for football, it's truly accessible, particularly in how it manages to introduce the turn-based mechanics. Football, Tactics & Glory is the kind of game that can be picked up and played in small moments, due to its default quick match times, but users will be more likely to be playing it for longer sessions.


From an authenticity perspective, the game doesn't have all the official branding, obviously, but this works in the game's favor. Those who have been fans of football video games for a while will no doubt appreciate the nostalgia, as it feels like theSensible Soccergames of old, complete with the quaint renaming structure.

Football, Tactics & Glory isn't perfect, though, and there is a slight issue in how it treats its different mechanics. The game is very good from a sports simulation perspective, but those who have more of a love for turn-based strategy may feel that it doesn't quite come up to scratch - particularly for those used to something more in-depth.

Nonetheless, overall it's a fun game that may well deceptively creep up someone's most played list on Steam. Those with an attachment to football will find plenty to appreciate, and could even see it taking a place with other, more established franchises. For those after something a little bit different, it's definitely worth it.

Football, Tactics & Glory is out now for PC. Screen Rant was provided with a PC download code for the purposes of this review.

Our Rating:
3.5 out of 5 (Very Good)

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