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Every woman can look beautiful and fashionable without spending a lot of money on treatments at salons and beauty clinics. How to look attractive and fashionable is very easy and can be done by all women. Want to know? Come on, find out beautiful and fashionable tips in the following simple way.

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All women want to look beautiful and attractive. Unfortunately, there are still many women who do not know how to look attractive in the eyes of others. Start following some of the following tips so that you have a more attractive appearance.


Start Caring with Dress Style
If at this time you tend to be indifferent to dress, now start caring about the style of dress. The clothes you wear don’t always have to be up to date following the latest fashion trends, just wear clothes that match your hair style and body shape.


Don’t be a fashion victim if the clothing hype doesn’t match your appearance. Most importantly, the clothes you wear can make you look neater and more pleasing to the eye and provide you with comfort.

Add accessories to enhance your appearance
Small accessories can make a big impact on your appearance. Do not believe? Try wearing earrings, your appearance will definitely change to be more fashionable and cute. The accessories used do not always have to be expensive jewelry. Wear accessories that match your outfit. Believe me, your appearance will be more attractive.


Accessories don’t just include earrings, necklaces and bracelets. You can also add accessories such as brooches, bandanas, or scarves. Just match accessories that look good with your outfit.

Pay more attention to your skin
Beauty belongs to all women, regardless of skin color. Even though you have tan skin, you can look attractive and exotic in the eyes of others. The trick is to take care of the skin to make it look clean and smooth.


Skin care can be started from skin care products that are used daily. Also pay attention to the care of your skin.


Change Healthy Lifestyle
To be able to look attractive, you have to change your lifestyle to be healthier. Stop unhealthy habits, such as staying up late, consuming excessive alcohol, and being lazy to exercise.

What you eat also greatly affects how you look. So, start eating healthy foods, if necessary foods that can nourish your skin. If you include people who are lazy to exercise, start exercising regularly. Exercise can make the body fit and reduce the risk of obesity.

Use Cosmetics According to Needs and Places
Looking beautiful with make up is a natural thing for women. Using excessive cosmetics will not make you look attractive and will actually add to the impression of menor.

Decorate Your Face with a Smile
It’s not hard to find a way to look good, just by giving someone a friendly smile. A smile is a natural “makeup” that can make you appear more attractive. As long as it’s not done and done in the right place, your smile can make other people enjoy interacting with you.

Balance Inner and Outer Beauty
Beautiful and attractive is not just a matter of appearance. Inner beauty aka beauty that emanates from within is also important. It’s useless if you look beautiful and fashionable, but your attitude is not good.

So so that this inner beauty can radiate, try to be sincere and respect other people. Also, take time for self-reflection. Pay attention to bad qualities in yourself that you may not have noticed before. Turn these bad traits into positive ones so that your inner beauty shines through.

If you are currently feeling unsatisfied with your own appearance, try the tips above to make it look attractive. Remember, every woman has the right to look beautiful, fashionable, and attractive. So, you don’t need to feel inferior and feel less attractive because everything can be changed.