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The year 2021 is the Cameroonian Association for Community Outreach Initiative (CACOI)
most successful year despite the Socio-political crisis and Covid-19 that affected the country as a
whole and the region of Southwest region in particular. Despite our migre resources and small
funding we were able to impact most of the communities in the Southwest region especially in
Fako Division.2021 was also one of the most dangerous year ever in our existence. With the
socio-political crisis kidnappings became a familiar event to us, frequent shootings, threats,
detention of community leaders and field agents etc. The mental toll in our staffs is likely
overlooked by a shared of passion to do well, but it is our responsibility to take care of them. The
stress of managing such complex operations should also be taken into consideration. It was such
a difficult ride throughout 2021 we barely take time to enjoy how much has changed for the
better in our communities.
We are not too happy about our success, because it is happening in these circumstances, and
because we know that despite the quality of our activities and dedication of our staffs, the current
crisis is impeding most part of our successes which could have been achieved in the absence of
the crisis. CACOI‟s responsibility is to be there at the level of the community whether big, or
small and to keep learning and improving our services to reduce morbidity, mortality, poverty
and human rights. And moreover to fulfill our vision; Community Health Promotion,
Prevention, Care and Humanitarian Work.
It was a thrilling journey in 2021, but it is just another page in the book of CACOI, an
Organization that this year made 11 years, and that needs to continuously grow out of every
crisis, every partnership, and every opportunity for exposure.
Roland Etchu Bissong

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Diplômé en marketing et management des opérations. - Formateur pratique en gestion et utilisation des outils de capitalisation numérique. - Responsable de la communication et du plaidoyer pour la Coalition des organisations/associations et réseaux d'associations santé du Cameroun. - Gestionnaire de la plateforme santé et droits humains healthymboa.org projet Fond Mondial- NFM3.

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