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COHESODEC was created in 2011 but officially registered on the 1th of July 2013 after the resolutions of the Executive Board meeting made up of 12 statutory constituent members owing to the fact that there was need to promote Community Health and Social Development for our country>Cameroon. COHESODEC has for the past 7years touched on thousands of lives regarding its many interventions on the field.     The organization from inception created its structures as follows; The General Assembly,The National Coordination-(was created made up of the following positions: -A National Coordinator -An Administrator, -A Program Manager, -An Accountant, -A Human Resource Manager, -A Project Manager, -Community Health Workers and -Community Facilitators.   COHESODEC statutory members also created at inception (8) eight departments to manage the day to day running of the organizations affairs as follows: Finance Department,Internal Audit Department,Internal Control Department,Legal/Technical Advisory Department,Programs Management Department,Public Relations/Communications Department,Human Resource Management Department and Events/Conference Management Department.   The organization has so far implemented over 10 life transforming projects in both the North-West and South-West Regions of Cameroon improving on the lives of over 100,000 individuals.  

Missions and Objectives

Our Mission is ”To improve the health, social wellbeing and livelihood of communities through sustainable interventions and stand for a just world for Sustainable Development and COHESODEC is committed to improving the lives and social wellbeing of its beneficiaries in Cameroon through building on their potentials using innovative strategies”.  

Our objectives include among others to :

  • Eradicate and prevent all terminal diseases, pandemics epidemics, tropical and non tropical diseases, transmissible and non transmissible diseases and manage foreseen and unforeseen catastrophes in our communities.
  • Encouraged, support and promote nutrition-intake, clean water hygiene and sanitation, ensure food security, fight against malnutrition, hunger, infant mortality and high death rate in our Cameroon.
  • Promote, support, ameliorate and encourage care for orphans and vulnerable children, women, youths, minority groups, I.D.P’s, refugees, the disable, the underprivileged, prisoners, pupils and students, street children, the elderly and marginalized communities.
  • To create thousands of jobs to Cameroonians through the promotion of income generating activities, so as to stamp out unemployment, poverty and banditry from our Cameroonian society.

Key Achievements

  • Fight against HIV/AIDS and Malaria in the North-West Region,
  • Fight against maternal, neonatal and infant mortality in the North-West and South-West Regions,
  • Fight against Yellow Fever, Measles, Polio, Noenatal Tetanus, Monkey Pox, Acute Flacid Paralysis=Below 15 Years of Age, Cholera, Viral Hemorrhagic Fever, Miningitis and Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Assisted persons living with disabilities, orphans/vulnerable children and the elderly in different dimensions,
  • Promotion of Education through donation of capitation grants to beneficiary schools and setting up/manage 45 functional community learning spaces in Mezam division of the NWR,
  • Humanitarian Response/Interventions with the assistance in the distribution of16, 500  Core Relief Items and Shelter kits to I.D.P’s in affected vulnerable communities of the North-West Region;


Plan International, UNESCO, Global Fund, the World Bank, Vitamin Angels and CBC/PEPFAR

Areas of interventions

  • Humanitarian Response/Interventions,
  • Prevention and eradication of all terminal diseases,
  • Promotion of Nutrition,
  • Promotion of Sanitation,
  • Reduction of maternal, neonatal and infant mortality
  • Prevention of tropical diseases,
  • Promotion of Education,
  • Support/ameliorate the social wellbeing of O.V.C’s, underprivileged communities, Minorities, women, Youths, the Elderly and Refugees in Cameroon.

Targets Groups  : 

  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children,
  • Minority Populations,
  • Underprivileged Communities,
  • Women,
  • Youths,
  • The Elderly,
  • I.D.P’s and Refugees in Cameroon.

Registration Number :

Ref; No: 28/E.29/1111/VOL.8/ALPAS

Personne Contact :


Branches :

Bamenda, Bambili, Ndop, Fundong, Wum, Mbenwi, Santa and Kumbo in the North-West Region and Kumba, Mamfe as well as  Konye in the South-West Region

Contacts :

  •   Head Office, City Chemist Round-About>Bamenda, Opposite the City Chemist Pharmacy Adjacent Express Union
  •  Phone. : +237) 675 405 478 / 695, 110 313          
  • Site web :


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