Call for papers on health and human rights.

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As part of the official launch of the Healthymboa platform, the Health Civil Society Coalition (CCSC-HEALTH) is calling for the best articles from community actors and communication professionals.

Open to journalists, web journalists, passionate of writing, bloggers, communicators from associations and community groups residing in Cameroon, the call consists of writing an original blog article / blog post with rich media (photos, videos, graphics), on the theme: health in connection with human rights. The author of the article will have to choose one of the following topics:

  1. The situation of children living with HIV or suffering from other chronic diseases;
  2. The role of communities in the response to diseases (HIV / AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Vaccination, sexual and reproductive health, etc.);
  3. The process of taking charge of populations during the COVID-19 health crisis,
  4. Violence and limitation of access to health services;
  5. The risks of exposure of children-street traders to COVID-19 and other health problems;
  6.  Covid-19 and the impact on vulnerable people.

Submit your articles in Word file and illustrations in image file through the email address:

The best articles will be awarded each month by the CCSC-HEALTH, according to the various categories: Bronze – Silver – Gold.

Validated articles will be published on and the author will be highlighted.

For further information: French: Tel. 695 333 137/675 639 510 – English: Telephone: 695 853 705/675 228 329


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