Association for Women Empowerment Cameroon (AWEC)

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On the 12th day of December 2012, AWEC was formed by Human Right activist who recognized the need for a locally created and managed NGO capable of
mobilizing and empowering vulnerable groups. AWEC is a Cameroon based non-profit organization;
its aim is to empower women, young girls, promoting child protection and improving their mental
health and prospering humanity. To ensure efficient and effective implementation of the
Humanitarian principles of Do No Harm and respecting values with the aim to contribute to poverty
alleviation, socio economic development and community development

Missions and Objectives


  • Promote entrepreneurship among women
  • Protection on the rights of women and children.
  • Enhance the status of women in the society.
  • To develop successful models of entrepreneurship for emulation worldwide


  • To promote a self –supporting, self-government and self-propagating organization that is committed to help mankind especially vulnerable, needy women and young girls.
  • To raise awareness on women’s rights and encourage skills training
  • To encourage girl child education
  • To educate and promote agricultural sustainability practices
  • Improve mental health and wellbeing of people living with diseases.

Key Achievements

  • Community outreach ,advocacy and sensitization
  • Home Visit and follow up
  • Free screening and  testing Distribution of Kits


Pollination Grants, Freewill donations ,RTG

Areas of interventions

  • Malaria ,
  • HIV/AIDS ,
  • Hepatitis 

Targets Groups  : 

  • Youth & Adolescent, Men, Boys, Women, girls, single mothers, pregnant women, Key population.

Registration Number :


Person Contact :

Ntah Desmond

Branches :

Buea & Douala

Contacts :


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