African Reproductive Health Services (AREPHS)

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The founders of African Reproductive Health Services, decided to unite their efforts under the auspices of a non lucrative, non religious and apolitical organization (in consonance with the existing law in Cameroon) to add both their human and financial resources to the existing government policy and UN SDG 3.3.1 to improve upon the health status and well being of the population; this is because they realized the following;

the numerous social problems faced by the  presumed or barren women in our communities due to poor or inadequate reproductive, maternal and sexual health care services even though they fully participate in the socio-economic development of their communities;

 The organization gained its legal status with the Cameroon Government on the 23/04/2019

Missions and Objectives

Mission : Reproductive Health For All

Objectives :

  • To contribute to the improvement of access to quality maternal/neonatal and reproductive health services in rural areas by involving men as the main advocates for reproductive health.
  • To strengthen the capacities in terms of knowledge enhancement, skills upgrading, attitude change, data and information gathering, analysis and dissemination of key actors (both men and women) involved in reproductive health to meet reproductive, maternal and child health needs.
  • To broaden and enhance the prevention of diseases which threaten maternal/neonatal health, including STDs and HIV/AIDS, cancer, through involving men in activities of prevention, care and support.
  • Enhance the knowledge of the targeted population on family planning and reproductive health through music, movies and other works of art.
  • To support government policy, UN SDG 3.3.1(SDG 3. 3.1: By 2030, reduce the global maternal/neonatal mortality ratio to less than 70 per 100 000 live births), decision-making processes and quality through the provision of well researched empirical data and information relevant to reproductive, maternal/neonatal and sexual health.

N*B: UN SDG means United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

  • To support rural communities, central and local government agencies, and relevant civil society organizations to assess and mobilize local and external resources for improving reproductive and maternal/neonatal health.

Key Achievements

  • Opened a one stop health shop at Awing in Mezam Division
  • Trained 30 community health providers to assist the organization meet up with its mission in rural areas.


Contribution from board members and Ndong Awing Cultural Association USA

Areas of interventions

  • Health,
  • Education
  • and Nutrition 

Targets Groups  : 

  • People 09 years to 40 years

Registration Number :

Ref; No: Reg. No: 26/E.29/1111/VOL.8/ALPAS

Person Contact :

Mr  David Ayem (CEO)

Branches :

Bamenda, Awing and Wum

Contacts :

  •  Ngomgam- Bamenda II-North West Region
  •  Phone. :(237)674605469/694353141      
  • Facebook: https//
  • Site web :


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