Advocacy workshop to facilitate Community and PLHIV involvement in HIV cure research in Cameroon Date: 03 June 2022

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The Advocacy workshop to facilitate Community and PLHIV involvement in HIV cure research in Cameroon was organized by Partners for Relief and Development Organization (PARDO) on the 03rd june 2022 at Ntoungou Hotel. PARDO is a Common Initiative Group with the mission to foster sustainable community development and humanitarian initiatives that alleviate poverty, improve lives, living standards and impact positive social transformation in partnership with local, international, public, private institutions and civil society organizations.

The advocacy workshop is an activity of the project: “Enhancing meaningful involvement of PLHIV in HIV Cure focused science by utilizing a suite of Technology-Based Healthy solutions in Cameroon” that falls within the Strategic Research Plan Operational in Health of Cameroon. However, the execution of this Plan is limited due to: insufficient regulation, ethical supervision, insufficient coordination, insufficient financing, weak popularization and exploitation of the results and the absence of research culture. This justify why health research in general and HIV Cure research particularly is still limited in Cameroon. Thus, this action/project intervenes as a contribution to the development of health research that encounter many difficulties actually. Objectives of this project are:

  • To advocates for structure and policy changes that will build and/or support HIV cure research and improve access to HIV/AIDS care and treatment services;
  • To strengthen advocacy networks and transnational tools in local context among HIV/AIDS stakeholders and PLVIH to improve participation in HIV clinical research and;
  • To Increase access to HIV cure education and information for clients, advocates and healthcare providers using suite of Technology-Based Health Solutions.

The advocacy workshop explores various obstacles to the involvement of PLHIV and affected communities in research focused on HIV cure. It aims at starting discussion at various levels to explore the possibilities of an HIV cure research in Cameroon. The workshop was structured around the following modules:

  • Research Priorities for an HIV Cure in Cameroon -Establishment of HIV Cure Advocacy in Cameroon
  • Policy and Programs to supports HIV Cure Research in Cameroon
  • Funding and strategies for HIV Cure Research and collaboration among research institutions
  • HIV cure initiatives (Managing community initiatives, Opportunities for clinic community collaboration)

Discussions on these different modules led to the following recommendations:

  • Set up a task force;
  • Organization of a meeting to define a roadmap;
  • Define a good method of sensitizing communities and PLHIV;
  • Develop a strategy document ;
  • Develop an operational plan ;
  • Organize advocacy sessions with community influencers;
  • Adapt module 2 to the community target.


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