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On this 1st December 2020, Cameroon shall join the international community to commemorate the 33rd edition of World AIDS Day whose theme is: « Global solidarity and shared responsibility ». This theme celebrates and promotes:

  • a world and communities in solidarity with all the victims of the pandemeic;
  • a shared responsibility for the outcome of our policies and strategies to reduce the impact of the disease in our country and in the world;
  • a significant experience generated over 40 years of response that needs to be capitalized on.

This is therefore, an opportunity for a remobilization of stakeholders involved in the fight for a more effective and enlightened response, focused on a community approach, particularly in favour of the most vulnerable people, and enabling to remove all barriers to access to care related to various inequalities, dicrimination and stigma.

The response to COVID-19 has been a major focus of attention in 2020. It has however, led to necesssary adjustments in our AIDS strategy.

By continuing to combine ou views, expertise and experience, and by adding up our respective wills to act, we will win the fight against HIV.

On its part, the Government will work hard to honour the commitments made as a contribution to the objective of eliminating AIDS by 2030: the policy of free ARVs and the coverage of user fees will continue and be strengtened through a permanent monitoring of new research and development in this area.

Together, let us protect vulnerable people.

Together, we shall win.

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